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OOSL Guidelines for Funding Teacher Training

Old Orchard Service League (OOSL) was established for the purpose of helping to “provide students at Old Orchard School (OOS) with means for educational, technological and charitable assistance to further their enrichment opportunities.” OOSL also recognizes the importance of continued teacher training to enhance the skills of OOS teachers, thereby enriching OOS students learning experience. While members of OOSL are willing to allocate funds toward enhanced teacher training for student enrichment and that go beyond basic teaching skills, we feel the OOS administration should share the commitment and cost associated with this training.

The OOSL Board of Directors is generally in favor of providing teachers with opportunities to take classes and improve teaching skills that benefit all students. However, it is important for the OOSL Board of Directors not to interfere with the administration of the school which includes teacher compensation, teacher selection, teacher retention programs, and curriculum development. Reviewing and approving specific requests from individual teachers without using standard, consistent guidelines puts us in a position to make judgments and spend money in accordance with our biases instead of in a fair and impartial way. Additionally, the OOSL does not have an unlimited supply of funds. In order to maintain our status as a non-profit entity, any teacher training cost supplemented by OOSL must fall within the purpose/objective stated by its charter.

OOSL, therefore, proposes a maximum contribution of 50% not to exceed a $1,000 limit per training request that meets the guidelines set forth. The amount of funding shall be determined annually by the OOSL Board of Directors and shall be based upon available funds, history of training requested and the success of the program. Furthermore, OOSL reserves the right to deny a request if OOSL members feel it does not fall within the stated purpose of the OOSL guidelines.

OOSL Teacher Training Funding Guidelines:

  • Basic or remedial teacher training, classroom management skills and basic curriculum training will not be considered for payment by OOSL.
  • Teacher training grants considered by OOSL for funding shall be to provide teachers enhanced, additional skills that will enrich the education and learning experience of OOS students. Training that goes “beyond the book” or beyond basic curriculum, which addresses different styles of learning or innovative ways of teaching assigned subjects, will be considered.
  • After a teacher discusses the training request with OOS administration, an OOSL grant request should be completed for each class application and given to the grant coordinator for their grade. Each teacher training grant request will be reviewed by OOSL to insure it meets the above stated guidelines prior to funding approval.
  • OOSL shall fund a maximum of 50% not to exceed $1,000 per teacher training grant request that falls within the stated guidelines.
  • Payment shall be made directly to the teacher as reimbursement upon receipt of payment, directly to the institution to accompany the application for the class submitted by the requesting teacher or as reimbursement to OOS upon presentation of receipt for approved classes.

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